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В песне Джилы - Gilla "Джонни - Johnny" есть фраза:
"You know just how to go about".
Что она значит?

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Johnny (oh, yeah),
You got it all figured out
Johnny (oh, yeah),
You know just how to go about (общаться)
You flash your smile (oh, baby) And keep your cool

Johnny (oh, yeah),
You've got the style and the touch
Johnny (oh, yeah),
I'd say you're almost too much...
It's clear to see (oh, baby) You know I was fool

Oh, I love the way you pamper me
Everything is how it ought to be
Candle light and pink champagne on ice
A certain glance just once or twice

And the music is so very right
As you whisper: "We got time all night",
I admit you are a perfect host
Your care for me deserves a toast

Johnny (oh, yeah),
You got it all figured out
Johnny (oh, yeah),
You know just how to go about (теперь запомнили?)
You flash you smile (oh, baby) And keep your cool

How romantic near the fireplace
You and I together face to face
Guess you're certain I'm no match for you
I'll do what all the others do

Much as I admire your strategy
I'm afraid it just won't work with me
If there's something that I don't enjoy
It's being treated like a toy

Johnny, oh, yeah,
You thought that you have a ball
Johnny, oh, yeah,
You know that you can't win them all
So please be kind (oh, baby) And take me home

Johnny Gilla

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I got a letter asking me to go for an interview the next day.


Подготовка к собеседованию - интервью - на английском языке - an interview is a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out whether they are suitable for a job, course of study etc

Job interview COLLOCATIONS

Полезные фразы к собеседованию про приёме на работу в иностранную компанию:

have an interview
go for an interview
be called / invited for (an) interview
conduct an interview (= interview someone)
at interview (British English)
job interview
first interview
second interview (= a more detailed interview after you have been successful in a previous interview)
interview for
He has an interview next Thursday for a job on the Los Angeles Times.
I got a letter asking me to go for an interview the next day.
Remember to take the phone off the hook while you are conducting the interview.
a portfolio of work presented at interview
I've got another job interview tomorrow.
I don't think I came across very well (= seemed to have good qualities) in the interview. ...

I've worked myself into the ground setting up this interview. ...

I applied for the post and was asked to attend an interview.

how to pass an interview successfully
how to pass an interview with flying colors
to pass an examination with flying colours — блестяще выдержать экзамен
to come through /off/ with flying colours — добиться успеха (в чём-л.); блестяще выдержать испытание
to come off with flying colours — одержать победу, добиться успеха; с развевающимися
знамёнами, победоносно
how to pass an interview for a job
how to pass an interview at target
to pass through many dangers — преодолеть /пройти через/ множество опасностей
to pass through a terrible ordeal — пройти сквозь тяжёлое испытание

Anyone thinking of going for the job has to file an application and pass through an interview process.
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Мне тут один мой знакомый (БарАк Обама) -
носитель хорошего английского языка -
скинул образец стандартного письма:

Hi, I am President here!

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I went through your profile and I read it and took interest in it,
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Hope to hear from you soon, and I will be waiting for your mail
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